BIG Players/ BIG演员

Dong Fen


Dong Fen has 13 years of experience in the areas of Theatre in Education and Improvisational Theatre. She is one of the oldest member of BIG; She has directed performances in different topics and forms; She has lead more than 10,000 workshops, mainly focussed on empowerment of children. In her workshops, children’s potential can be activated in its natural way. 董芬有13年的教育戏剧和即兴戏剧经验,北京双语即兴组最老成员之一;排演即兴剧以及主题戏剧无数,带领过上万场戏剧工作坊,善于使用戏剧为儿童赋能,尊重儿童天性,能够在工作坊中激发出儿童的最大天赋。

Anete Elken


Anete is our pride and joy from Estonia 安黛是我们尊重的来自爱沙尼亚演员



Singing in the shower, dancing in the storm, fighting skeletons in the Catacomb. 我叫老齐,你呢?



Art educator,  drama director, talk show host, TV presenter. "I think improv is a small thing to change the world, a big thing to change yourself" 艺术教育工作者,戏剧导演,脱口秀主持人,电视主持。”即兴戏剧,是改变世界的一件小事情,改变自己的一件大事情”~

Adrienne Losch


Hailing from California, Adrienne has been in various cities in China since 2013. Beijing Improv has been her first experience performing in China and it is her highlight of life in Beijing. 自从2013年,来自加州的白乐山住四个不同的中国城市。Beijing Improv 是她第一次在中国表演的机会,而且是她在北京最喜欢的事情。



Performing improv brings me endless joys, and I want to share those moments with everyone else! 即兴表演给我带来无限的快乐,但我更想把这些欢乐分享给大家。独乐乐不如众乐乐!

Nathan Hobbs



I'm from Indianapolis and have been in China since 2008. I joined BIG in 2013 and am set to "retire" in Fall 2017 so that I could return to the US and do a PhD (nothing else could tear me from this group!). One of my favorite things about improv is that it helped me "silence my inner critic" and I love justifying the absurd. I was also the workshop coordinator for BJI from 2014-2017 and I designed this website! 我叫Nathan,但是有时候其他演员会叫我“孙悟空”因为我左胳膊上的纹身。我2013年加入了BIG组。我来自美国印第安纳波利斯。我即兴表演最喜欢的东西之一是它有助于我不批评自己、多依靠其他演员、相信其他会给我支持。我也设计了这个网站!