Mainstage English Players/ English演员

Jay Wang

Born in China and raised in the US, Jay has lived in the intersection of these two cultures his entire life. He made his way to Beijing after college, at first to study at Peking University, then to work at a variety of different startups and NGOs. He has since found his calling in the world of improvised theater, where he co-leads Beijing Improv into a new era of "impactful" comedy. 出生于中国,在纽约成长的Jay从小就在中西两个文化之间生活。毕业后去北大读研,之后在一系列创业团队与NGO工作。自从5年前接触到即兴话剧之后,他充满激情地投入做有“影响力”的喜剧,率领北京即兴(BJI)改变更多人的思维方式。

Nathan Paul

Nathan has been performing on-stage in some way, shape or form since the age of 8. He found improv in high school and was hooked! Upon moving to China in 2013, he was crazy happy to find Beijing Improv and joined in 2015. Since then he has had the great honor of playing with amazing friends and making audiences laugh across the city.

Adrienne Losch


Hailing from California, Adrienne has been in various cities in China since 2013. Beijing Improv has been her first experience performing in China and it is her highlight of life in Beijing. 自从2013年,来自加州的白乐山住四个不同的中国城市。Beijing Improv 是她第一次在中国表演的机会,而且是她在北京最喜欢的事情。